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” So much cleaner and nicer then the place I went to before in north Jersey.  The doctors and staff are very nice.  Doesn’t feel like an assembly line like the other places.” – Anonymous

“The office was very clean. Doctors and staff were very nice and helpful.” – Victoria

“Very nice, clean office. Staff and doctors made me feel very comfortable. I’ve been to other offices in the area, this one is the best by far !!!” – Kimberly

“The office was so nice, it looked like a spa” – Georgette

“Thank you for taking care of me so well and helping me through such a difficult time.” – Michelle

“I was so anxious and scared to have my procedure done. From the moment I contacted the facility they were professional and caring. The office is very nice and comfortable. The staff made such a difficult time for me so much easier. The doctors answered all my questions and were beyond nice. I cant recommend this facility strong enough!!!!!!! ”  – Sandra

“This place was highly recommended by my gynecologist. I felt so comfortable. The doctors were so caring and gentle. All the staff were very kind. I recommend this office highly!!”

“Amazing staff! They were all extremely professional, personable, and kept me calm through the entire process. It’s very clean and comfortable place.” – Kellie

“I was there with my friend,her appointment was at 6:15 last night we get there at 4.we thought we would have to wait until our appointment time,they hand us all necessary paper work and assure us we didn’t have to wait that long.this place is so clean,the waiting room is phenomenal,I watched Netflix and was in aawwww.” – Daria

“The office and staff were so nice and professional. I had two other abortions in NJ. This is so much nicer and clean. I had the surgery and didn’t feel anything. I was asleep. I’m taking my friend back next week for the pill.” – Ms.  Clark

“The staff was exceptional. The female Doctors were great and very professional. I was not aware that this facility is the only one in NJ with an all female staff. I recommend this place” – Nairb

“I was actually referred here from another clinic and I’m so happy I was. I can’t thank the staff and doctors enough for being so supportive and helping me every step of the way. I am very squeamish & do not deal with needles well but today was a breeze. Everyone was so sweet and caring and all of my questions were answered fully. The decision was hard enough to make and I was extremely nervous about the process, but here it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Also, it was very clean and modern. I made a yelp account just to write this review because I want people to know that having an abortion doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience if you have the support system there with you. I hope this was helpful!” – Zoey

“I received a termination of pregnancy from your facility on June 4,2016 for my appointment at 8:45 in the morning. This was by far the best experience I could’ve ever asked for. I drove an hour and 20 minutes to come here and it was worth every minute. I have had an abortion prior which landed me in the hospital. I was told I was getting sedated but wasn’t and experienced the worst pain in my life while the doctors yelled at me to stay still. It was traumatizing and scary and they couldn’t even finish and I ended up in the hospital. When I found out I was pregnant again at 18 years old I was still mentally recovering from the trauma of my previous abortion. I was so scared of the same thing happened. I found this place through planned parenthood amongst other locations that would fully sedate me in the state. This seemed like the best option, the most affordable, and the best reviewed facility by far. I was almost thrown off by the amount of driving but I’m so glad I didn’t let that turn me away. Everyone there was so compassionate and kind and really eased my tension and anxiety about abortion caused by my previous experience. The one person I wanted to point out that really made this whole thing so much better for me was the anesthesiologist. I can’t remember his name and if I could I would thank him personally. But he was kind and caring and helped me not think too much of what was about to happen. He let me know I was in good hands and that I would be taken care of properly. He also talked to me about Netflix shows and his favorite show game of thrones. He let me hold his hand and talked me through the process of falling asleep. It really helped me distract myself from the anxiety I was feeling once I laid down in the operation room. After the procedure was over and I woke up he was there checking in on me and seeing how I was doing and it made me feel so much better about what I’d just been through. He was absolutely wonderful and really helped me change my perspective on what I was so afraid of. Thanks again for having the best staff in the world and being a safe and comfortable environment for women like me. Thank you for changing my opinion on the people who perform abortions and showing me that there are kind and caring professionals out there. Rather than people that don’t care about the pain you’re in or the heartbreak you’re feeling. I have never felt this relieved in my life and it’s all thanks to your wonderful staff. Please tell the anesthesiologist I said thank you so much for helping me.” – Taylor

“This was not an easy visit and I very much appreciate each one of you being so kind to me.” – D

“Really nice place waiting room is not your ordinary. Staff is friendly except ultrasound tech is a little rude and cold. There was a girl who explained the procedure she was really nice took me to change. The anesthesia guy was great. Coming back for a gyn visit. Thanks guys!” – Andrea

“Best ..friendly nice staff doctor and anesthesiologist made me calm and relax.. I was really scare of taking procedure.
All the staffs are very nice hard working. Room ..waiting room recovery room.. everything
Was so clean . I had procedure 6hours ago.. i have no pain yet..
I was crying after procedure .One Girl staff make me calm
And tell me everything is okay..I’m not good at English but they made me felt so comfort.  THANK YOU AGAIN.. Thank you verymuch of all of you.” – Suzy

“So glad I chose this place. I called many offices and spent a lot of time reading reviews. This was my first pregnancy and I was so scared. They treated me so nicely. I was very impressed with how clean this place is. I was afraid it would be a long wait based on a couple reviews I read. I did not wait long at all being seen on a a Wednesday evening. I’m sure every day is different but I’ve waited much longer to see my regular gyn. Thanks again for the great care.” – Amanda

“Incredible staff that will make you feel comfortable & safe. Everything was fast. I drove almost 3 hours out of my way to come to this clinic, if that doesn’t say a lot about how awesome this place is, then I don’t know what does!” – Ashley

“This place is really amazing. Everyone here from the receptionist to the doctors they are so friendly and warm. Really appreciated this because it eased me of a lot of fears I had. I would recommend this place to anyone and it’s so nice they even have Netflix! Very clean and very welcoming. Thank you to all that took care of me. I appreciated it so much.” – Jada

“Beautiful facility I was so scared when I called the Garden State Gynecology, not knowing what to expect. I was welcomed with a warm receptionist, she insured me everything I needed to know and even confirmed my appointment the day before. I got there and the wait time was not bad at all. I have a phobia of needles and the lab tech called in a worker to hold my hand, at that time I knew I was at the right place. The lady who did my ultrasound, she comforted me as I got emotional seeing the sonogram telling me everything will be ok, giving me the courage to go on. I needed that. Coming into the procedure room I was seated and the procedure was done before I knew it. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was, they had food in the back for the patients as well. The nurse checked on me every 10 mins and assisted me in getting myself together as I was still under a little under anesthesia. I was escorted out and was wished a safe travel home. I’m detailing this review because I’m really amazed, you don’t expect this treatment, especially when you think “abortion” you think dark, smelly, broken. Everything here was clean, bright & fresh. If I ever need to recommend a place to anyone for this type of situation Garden State Gynecology will be the FIRST on my list. Not to mention, they also provided me with birth control. I left here with feeling of security and trust that everything was gonna be okay. The best decision I ever made.” – Lindsay

“The Place is very clean professional the staff are friendly amazing. Very warmhearted staff made me feel comfortable Highly recommended. Thank you!! Give this place a 10 star” – Alan

“The staff was very patient and understanding for the procedure which I was nervous about. They really helped me and counseled me. The facility was very clean too.” – Spriha

“Had to come in for medical abortion. I suggest booking early appointment. Clean facilities competent and friendly staff. For as crappy as this situation is this place was fantastic.” – Lauren

“After researching several offices, I opted to escort a friend an hour plus away to this facility. I was so happy with this decision. The place was immaculately clean and the staff were so caring. My friend was so happy with the service and felt great immediately after. Thanks so much for taking such good care of my friend.” – Michael

“I had a procedure with anesthesia here a few weeks ago and came for my follow-up appointment last Saturday. I came here based on the recommendation of my gynecologist. I am a nurse and am therefore when it comes to my medical care.

My appointment was for 9:30am, so I arrived at 9am to fill out the paper work which took a while. I was seen at 9:45am (they actually called for me earlier, but I was still filling out the paperwork). They did the ultrasound first which was a bit awkward but painless. The technician was gentle and didn;t prolong the process which I appreciated. After that, I was told to urinate in a cup and then sent to the lab for a blood draw to check my blood type. Apparently, depending on your blood type, you may need to get a shot to prevent problems with future pregnancies.

I was very afraid of getting stuck for the blood draw. I have a severe phobia of needles. The phlebotomist missed on her first attempt since I couldn’t help but flitch. She was apologetic and I told her this happens all the time. She instead did a different test with just a painless needle prick to my finger tip and and said she would ask the anesthesiologist to draw my blood in the OR after I am asleep. That was a huge relieve, since I usually require several attempts to get blood.

I then saw the counsellor who was young but very sweet and knowledgable. I had some detailed questions about the anesthesia since I have had trouble with it in the past. I really appreciated she had the anesthesiologist come speak with me in her office prior to even seeing the gynecologist. The anesthesiologist did a great job alleviated my fears.

When I got to the procedure room, I was a bit hysterically. I think I was mostly panicked about getting stuck again since an intravenous line needed to be placed to receive anesthesia. I met the gynecologist at this point who was a young looking, pleasant woman (mid-30s perhaps). The anesthesiologist was extremely patient, but everytime he tried to stick me, I would pull my arm away involuntariily. He then offered to give me some gas to breath by mask to help me relax prior to the intraveous start. That worked great! I did not remember anything after the mask was on my face. Next thing I knew I was waking up in a curtained off area of the recovery room with the recovery nurse.

The recovery nurse was kind and went over the post-op instructions with me in detail. I was disappointed they would not let my boyfriend come to recovery with me, but they explained it wasfor the comfort of the other female patients which makes sense. The snacks were pretty good and I was helped to change and walked back to the waiting room to my escort.

The entire visit, from arrival to discharge was about 3 1/2 hours. They did accept my insurance (Horizon) except for a officel co-pay. The follow-up visit was very fast. I arrived at 10am and was seen almost immediately. The gynecologist was nice enough to explain some birth control options to me. When I told her I react poor to pills not, she recommended an IUD (since no hormones). She said it could be placed there and given under sedation if desired.

I will be returning in 3 weeks for the IUD placement. I would go to my personal gyn, but I have a low pain tolerance and high anxiety level with gyn procedures so I want the anesthesia (especially since they said the insurance will cover it).

Overall, they made the best of a difficult decision for me. Please be aware, you need to have someone drive you if having the anesthesia. Although awake pretty quickly after the procedure, I definitely felt tipsy and not in driving shape. I felt basically normal though a few hours later.” – Brianna

“I came here with my family member as a driver since she required anesthesia for her surgical procedure. I helped her with researching different clinics and we decided upon this one based on the positive reviews, a recommendation from a friend and that they were the only reputable clinic which offered a no-scraping procedure (called a Manual Vaccuum Aspiration “MVA”) and also provided full asleep anesthesia.

“As some of the other reviewers commented, there is a lot of paperwork so you should come early. Took about 20 minutes to complete together. The wait was not bad, but we came on a Wednesday evening which is probably a less busy appointment time I would imagine. I went in with her for the admission interview with the administrator and she was very thorough and reassuring. When we asked to see the MVA aspirator, she obliged and showed it to us while reviewing how it works and is different from the traditional method which requires scarping. Decided to go with the MVA to reduce chances of future problems getting pregnant and that it is supposed to cause less post procedure cramping. There was an additional fee since her insurance only covers the standard “D&C” method with scraping, but it was not that much (I cannot recall the exact amount).”

“Office is modern, very clean and appears new. The reception staff was professional and helpful. Big choice of magazines, coffee and water were available as refreshments and there was a TV in the waiting room which was comfortable. I had to use the bathroom while waiting and it was pleasantly clean. The whole stay from arrival to going home was about 2 and a half hours, about what we were told to expect when we made the appointment. She stated the nurses, gynecologist and anesthesologist were all comforting and professional. My friend surprisingly did not appear groggy at all afterwards and had hardly any pain. She did take some Advil when she got home though and started cramping. It is hard to say whether there was really less cramping that a “normal” D&C with scrapping, since she has no basis for comparison. However, she stated the cramping was mild and less than her normal menstrual pain so it seems like it was better.

I can definitely recommend this place and actually made an appointment for myself here for an IUD placement under anesthesia before going back to Florida (visiting my family in NJ for a few weeks). I’ll try to update this review afterwards on my experiences. Unfortunately, my insurance sucks and they will not pay to use the IUD the facility has in stock, but instead are mailing me one and then I need to bring it to the clnic myself (FYI, Cigna is the worst!).” – Miranda

“The staff was great. It was super early in the morning yet everyone was so helpful and sweet. Yes the process is time consuming, but they take good care of the patient. To be honest the intake process is really what takes the time. Once I put the surgical garment on the process was over in 30 min. Both the surgical and recovery staff were the best hands down. As for the ultra sound tech that has been spoken about in all the reviews….. Either they replaced her or other people were just extra emotionally sensitive. The ultra sound tech I encountered today was very professional. The facility decor is modern, and it smelled so pretty in every room. Would definitely recommend.” – Kyra

“So glad I chose this place. I called many offices and spent a lot of time reading reviews. This was my first pregnancy and I was so scared. They treated me so nicely. I was very impressed with how clean this place is. I was afraid it would be a long wait based on a couple reviews I read. I did not wait long at all being seen on a a Wednesday evening. I’m sure every day is different but I’ve waited much longer to see my regular gyn. Thanks again for the great care.” – Amanda