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” So much cleaner and nicer then the place I went to before in north Jersey.  The doctors and staff are very nice.  Doesn’t feel like an assembly line like the other places.” – Anonymous

“The office was very clean. Doctors and staff were very nice and helpful.” – Victoria

“Very nice, clean office. Staff and doctors made me feel very comfortable. I’ve been to other offices in the area, this one is the best by far !!!” – Kimberly

“The office was so nice, it looked like a spa” – Georgette

“Thank you for taking care of me so well and helping me through such a difficult time.” – Michelle

“I was so anxious and scared to have my procedure done. From the moment I contacted the facility they were professional and caring. The office is very nice and comfortable. The staff made such a difficult time for me so much easier. The doctors answered all my questions and were beyond nice. I cant recommend this facility strong enough!!!!!!! ”  – Sandra

“This place was highly recommended by my gynecologist. I felt so comfortable. The doctors were so caring and gentle. All the staff were very kind. I recommend this office highly!!”

“Amazing staff! They were all extremely professional, personable, and kept me calm through the entire process. It’s very clean and comfortable place.” – Kellie

“I was there with my friend,her appointment was at 6:15 last night we get there at 4.we thought we would have to wait until our appointment time,they hand us all necessary paper work and assure us we didn’t have to wait that long.this place is so clean,the waiting room is phenomenal,I watched Netflix and was in aawwww.” – Daria

“The office and staff were so nice and professional. I had two other abortions in NJ. This is so much nicer and clean. I had the surgery and didn’t feel anything. I was asleep. I’m taking my friend back next week for the pill.” – Ms.  Clark

“The staff was exceptional. The female Doctors were great and very professional. I was not aware that this facility is the only one in NJ with an all female staff. I recommend this place” – Nairb

“I was actually referred here from another clinic and I’m so happy I was. I can’t thank the staff and doctors enough for being so supportive and helping me every step of the way. I am very squeamish & do not deal with needles well but today was a breeze. Everyone was so sweet and caring and all of my questions were answered fully. The decision was hard enough to make and I was extremely nervous about the process, but here it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Also, it was very clean and modern. I made a yelp account just to write this review because I want people to know that having an abortion doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience if you have the support system there with you. I hope this was helpful!” – Zoey