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Welcome anyone seeking an abortion clinic NJ

Garden State Gynecology is a private medical practice providing compassionate abortion care. Especially, to patients that don’t have access to SAFE and LEGAL abortion care. We’re an abortion clinic NJ located in Morristown and Princeton, New Jersey.

We will provide family planning services in a comfortable and non-judgemental atmosphere.

The Abortion Pill (non-surgical) abortion clinic NJ

Also known as a medical abortion an early option for women within the first 10 weeks (70 days) of their pregnancy.

Many other facilities offer non-surgical abortions, but do not use the medication we use. They use cheaper and less effective alternatives. One of them is commonly used in chemotherapy and not approved by the FDA for non-surgical abortions. It’s also less effective and increases the chances of having to have a surgical procedure.

Surgical Abortion (in-clinic procedure) clinic NJ

Surgical abortions will be performed through 14 weeks (first trimester).  

Our commitment is to provide the safest and most effective care, therefore we use a certain medication despite its increased cost.

Our doctor and the support staff will answer all questions that you may have to help you decide which of these services to chose.

At Garden State Gynecology will offer full anesthesia (painless abortions) if that’s what you’re seeking in New Jersey provided by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Want to be completely asleep and comfortable? Other providers in New Jersey may offer “sedation” services. This is not comparable to full anesthesia services. Nor does it provide the safety and comfort that anesthesia administered by Board Certified Anesthesiologist will offer. 

For TEXAS abortion care patients wishing to receive anesthesia or sedation during a surgical procedure with local anesthetic (area is numb), but patient is awake.

Surgical abortion services are performed by gently opening the cervical canal to allow for a very brief aspiration of the uterus. 

  • This procedure is very safe and lasts only about 5-7 minutes.
  • After the procedure you’ll be allowed to rest comfortably in recovery until you are ready to be discharged.
  • You will be monitored by our nursing staff, provided with light nourishment and given written post-operative instructions before being discharged home.

NOTE: For all patients wanting to receive anesthesia services, it’s important not to eat anything or drink for at least 8 hours before.

All patients must bring a support person to escort them to their hotel once they have been discharged. Asleep abortion in New Jersey is a safe comfortable option.

Private Abortion (enhanced privacy) in New Jersey

Garden State Gynecology is accredited by the AAAASF for general anesthesia, deep sedation (“asleep”) and conscious sedation (“twilight”).

Beware of #FakeClinics (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) that pose as women’s health care clinics offering free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. They do not offer abortion care, nor do they support the decision to have an abortion.

Abortion clinic nj - offering abortion pill and abortion procedures.
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