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  1. FAQs about PCOS

    What is PCOS? PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common hormone…

  2. How often should you see your OB/GYN?

    Generally, women should have a pelvic exam at least once per year. Every woman should…

  3. 5 Common side effects of birth control pills you should know

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  4. Signs You May Need to Visit Your Gynecologist

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    Are we Better off than our Mothers?

    Is the newest generation better off than their mothers? The women of the baby-boom generation…

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    Birth Control Pills May be Helpful in Preventing Certain Cancers

    There are many benefits to http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ birth control pills, way beyond preventing pregnancy. New research…

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    The future of Obama Care

    What will happen to those insured through Obama Care policies? Republicans support the repeal of…

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    Zika Working it’s Way Through the United States

    Zika is working its way  all around the United States. It’s spreading across Florida, and…

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    Abortion and Family Planning Access Decreases Poverty

    Many women in the United States live in poverty and financial insecurity everyday.  One of the less…