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Category Archives: Family Planning

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    The future of Obama Care

    What will happen to those insured through Obama Care policies? Republicans support the repeal of…

  2. Morristown corridor
    Zika Working it’s Way Through the United States

    Zika is working its way  all around the United States. It’s spreading across Florida, and…

  3. Morristown corridor
    Abortion and Family Planning Access Decreases Poverty

    Many women in the United States live in poverty and financial insecurity everyday.  One of the less…

  4. Morristown Private Patient Waiting Room
    Permanent Family Planning Options

    Family planning and deciding the number children you will parent is a very personal decision.  This…

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    10 Myths About Abortion

        Myth 1:  Making abortion illegal will decrease abortions.  Making abortions illegal does nothing…

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    Will my Birth Control Soon be Free ????

    Many women are still surprised by the high cost of birth control.  Isn’t this supposed…

  7. Should I continue taking the birth control pill?

    Should I go off the Pill? The IUD is rising in popularity and nearly one…

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    N.C. abortion ultrasound law overturned

    A federal appeals court found the North Carolina ultrasound requirement which requires doctors to perform…

  9. mountain range
    The number of abortion facilities continues to decrease.

    The number of abortion facilities nationwide has decreased by nearly one-quarter over the last five years, with 60…