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Long Term Birth Control – IUD Growing in Popularity

If used correctly, the pill and condoms are very reliable birth control methods. Unfortunately, they are not always used correctly. Women often make mistakes when it comes to birth control, so more often doctors are recommending IUD’s as the most effective reversible birth control method because they are effortless.

The T-shaped implants are more reliable than other birth control methods because once inserted they require little to no follow-up care. There are multiple devices on the market that can be inserted from 3-10 years. The IUD has now become the most effective form of birth control for patient’s seeking long-term options.

A healthcare provider inserts the T-shaped rod into your uterus. Once it’s in, women have a less than 1% chance of getting pregnant for up to 10 years, without a second thought.

IUD’s are safe and effective for girls and women of all ages. Although costly, ranging from $ 600-$ 1200, consider they last up to 10 years.

All in all the IUD is a reliable, effortless, affordable long-term reversible birth control option.

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