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Category Archives: General Women’s Health

  1. mountain range
    Preventing Cervical Cancer

    Every year, approximately 12,000 women are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer in the United States,…

  2. laptop image
    The Dangers of Cutting Funding to Women’s Healthcare Clinics

    There are dangers in closing women’s health clinics  because of government funding cuts aimed at…

  3. mountain range
    Female “Viagra” Will Soon be Available.

    Mixed emotions on the FDA’s approval this week of the drug Flibanserin, aka “pink Viagra,” to…

  4. mountain range
    Why are Women more Vulnerable to Alzheimer’s?

    The latest evidence suggest that women’s brains are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease and other…

  5. Morristown corridor
    No More Annual Paps Required

    Many women were raised and still believe that an annual pap smear is a requirement. Women’s…

  6. Benefits of HPV vaccine

    New research finds that young women who get the HPV vaccination gain substantial protection against…

  7. laptop image
    Be proactive about your health. When to get tested???

    Doctors have the ability to treat many deadly diseases when they’re detected early enough.  This is why…

  8. Women and Men are not Equal in Matters of the Heart

    When it comes to our bodies, namely our hearts, men and women aren’t equal. While…

  9. Great strides for women via the ACA

    Great strides for women insured through the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). Up until last year,…