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More Birth Control Options for Men on the Horizon

When it comes to contraceptives, women have many choices — pills, patches, shots, rings, etc.

Men, on the other hand, don’t. Condoms and vasectomies are their only options .

Researhers may be on the verge of a game-changing new option in male birth control, spearheaded by Parsemus Foundation.

They are currently working on a substance called Vasalgel, an injectable barrier that creates a seal in the male vas deferens (AKA the small tube through which sperm generally travels). Once it’s in place, the gel works like a filter to allow fluids to pass through, but not sperm.

Unlike a traditional vasectomy, this method should be incredibly easy to reverse if evidence from animal trials is any indication. An additional injection quickly dissolves the barrier, allowing men to resume their fertility.  In lab testing so far, the technology has proven effective in animals.

Researchers at Parsemus hope to begin clinical trials for Vasalgel  within the next year. They also  plan to bring it to market within three years if all goes well.

This will never replace the traditional vasectomy which is a long term and not easily reversible birth control option for men.  traditional vasectomies are inexpensive and very effective for men that no longer want children.

This new easily reversible method is geared more towards men wanted long term birth control, similar to a woman placing an IUD.


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