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Canadian Women’s Health Organization loses funding – Forced to close!!!

Canadian abortion network shuts down suddenly.

The Canadian Women’s Health Network was one of six organizations funded for 18 years mostly by the federal contributions.

However, this organization was also a public advocate for legal abortion. “The Canadian Women’s Health Network has become another victim of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cuts to anything that supports women”, some pro-choice advocates say.

The CWHN’s board announced it’s closing on November 14, 2014. The organization was unable to secure stable funds after losing it’s federal funding. Its president, Janet Currie, said: “To lose all of our funding so suddenly left us in a very difficult position. This is a tremendous loss for the women of Canada. The information we provided was independent, current and addressed important and emerging health issues. This voice will now be missing.”

Hopefully the five remaining organizations will diligently fight to support a woman’s right to chose.

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